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We answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our expeditions and sailing trips

An expedition is a journey to explore, learn and discover. Traveling on a sailing ship is facing the conditions of the environment to be able to reach those places we want to visit. Each expedition represents a challenge and a new adventure, and each expedition is unique and unrepeatable, we go with the wind and we depend on nature, so there is no set itinerary or scheduled activities.  

If you like adventure, you are a nature lover, you would like to spend hours sailing and contemplating the sea and the ocean, and you are willing to share this experience with other travelers and experience life on board, this is the best plan for you. . You can come alone, with friends or with family.

It is not necessary that you have navigation knowledge, we take care of everything so that you enjoy the navigations and feel comfortable and safe on board.

Navigation knowledge is guaranteed! We love that the crew gets involved, learns and enjoys the navigations.

Yes of course! We also like to share the navigations with the most experienced and that each one can contribute their experience on board.

We take care of making the previous purchases so that all the forecasts are ready for the trip. We make an initial purchase and according to the needs of the group it is replaced. At the end of the trip, the expenses of the purchases are divided among the participants.  

We try to make a responsible and sustainable consumption, buying local and proximity products, respecting the environment and with the minimum possible packaging. We maintain a healthy diet, and we like that the crew members get involved in the conscious consumption that we do on board. We also like to enjoy a good fresh fish if we have been lucky with fishing during the trip!

In the same way that navigation requires good teamwork, on board any boat there are other very important tasks that require everyone's collaboration, so we like the crew to also be involved in cooking and cooking tasks. clean and that there is a good coexistence on board.

A sailing trip, to a sailing area to be explored or a journey from one destination to another, depending on the trip you have chosen. 

Accommodation in a shared cabin and shared bathroom. We will provide you with bed linen and towels for the shower on board, as well as appropriate soap for washing, biodegradable and respectful with the environment.  

In the event that you prefer your own cabin and do not want to share with other crew members, you can let us know and we will inform you about the price that we will apply in this case for having your private space.

Any expense outside the sailboat, such as meals, transportation, car rental or other activities, and mooring or anchoring expenses that are not provided for on the trip.


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